Out of school care

Before and after school, during lunch breaks and school holidays: from 3 to 14y, children and young people spend quite some time outside their home and outside the classroom. In out of school provisions, this free time is accompanied, supervised time.

Free time, fun time

Many organisations and areas of work commit themselves to make this free time a fine time for children. There are the many initiatives for out of school care, both by private partners or local authorities, school initiatives, over 500 animated playgrounds (operating under the umbrella of the Flemish Playground Service) and other youth work initiatives, as well as sports and cultural organisations.

How do children see free time? What makes it a time to enjoy? How do they experience the organised free time services? What do they expect from the professionals there, who shape and organise their free time?  What do they say is important in their contacts with peers, the available play material, the rhythm of the activities, the attitude of the practitioners?

The voice of children and young people

Listening to what children and young people have to say, VBJK explores new tracks and possible cooperation in the area of out of school care. This is done through research and innovative projects. VBJK supports continued professional development of practitioners in their daily work with children, families, schools and other partner organisations. By doing so, we stimulate the development of accessible and high quality out of school care. As always, we do this in connection to the fields of practice, research and policy.

VBJK develops innovations together with all those professionals in out of school care, who engage themselves, day after day, with heart and soul. And we add the input of children and young people as well. Kind & Gezin (Child & Family) supports VBJK in this task.