Parental support

Parental support is all about the well-being of children, young people and (future) parents. What is fostering this well-being, can of course be very different. One family may experience certain activities as supportive, another family may wish for other forms of educational support.

A broad definition

VBJK goes for a broad vision on parental support. It includes all activities and (policy) measures that families (children and parents) experience as supportive. In other words, parental support is also about looking into the broader life environment of families and all possible opportunities for development for children.

Family support  

In Flanders, many organisations engage themselves daily in the work with and for families. There are one-to-one consultations organised by Kind & Gezin (Child & Family), Integrated Family Centres, Centres for Children and Parents, childcare, midwifery, parental support ‘shops’, general social services …

Flemish Integrated Family Centres

More recently, many of these actors have started to cooperate within a Family Centre. By joining forces, they are able to provide a more accessible and integrated service for families. The Flemish Family Centres also take initiatives to build stronger social networks for families and to strengthen the social cohesion in the communities.

Expertise and knowhow

VBJK engages in research and innovative projects on cooperation in Family Centres, social support and cohesion, parent participation … We do this on the intersection of practice, research and policy. In this work, we value the partnership with EXPOO, the Flemish Government’s expert centre for parenting en family support, and VCOK, training centre for childcare and education.

On 3 October 2017, VBJK organized a preconference 'Integrated services in the early years – towards an international platform for exchange'. Hereby the report.