Childcare for babies & toddlers

Childcare is a basic provision for young children, 0 to 3y, and their families. Parents may want to use this for different reasons. Childcare obviously serves a practical goal: it makes it possible for parents to combine their family life with other roles they wish to take in society. But above all, it has a clear pedagogical function: it is in childcare settings, that children get their first encounters with the world around them, they get to make friends, they learn to share and play together and they get stimulated to explore new things.

A vaste field of work

Day after day, professionals engage themselves with all their heart. Child practitioners and child-minders at home, coordinators, pedagogical coaches, managers and policymakers ... Childcare has a lot of people working. In partnership with parents, they all vouch for the care, the attention, the wellbeing and the development of every child. They do this in partnership with families and other organisations in the community.

Together with professionals

VBJK supports childcare work through research and innovative projects. This way, we stimulate continuous professionalisation and the on-going development of accessible and high quality childcare. For years now, we have been doing this on the crossroads between practice, research and policy. But one thing is for sure: every innovation that is being developed by VBJK, is being developed in partnership with those many professionals and their commitment in childcare. For this work VBJK receives support from Kind & Gezin (Child & Family).