DECET is short for Diversity in Early Chidhood Education and Training.

DECET wants to empower knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable children and adults to construct together early childhood education services and communities where everyone feels welcome and feels that they belong.

DECET combines the work of several partners in defining high quality ECEC services, all in  their own organisation or together in European projects.

VBJK was one of the founders of DECET in 1998 and was a member of the board for years. Since 2014, VBJK is no longer a DECET member but we continue to honour the DECET principles and use them throughout our work.

DECET partners

Today DECET partners are: ACEPP, Acrianca, Ana del Bario Training and Consulting, CREC, EDENN, Ina Kindergarten, ISTA, Korein, Men In Childcare, Mutant, Newman UC, PCMNE, RIEPP, Rosa Sensat, Σχεδία (Schedia), University of Northampon and University of Roehampton (Early Childhood Research Centre).

With DECET, VBJK published several films and brochures and partnered in different projects on diversity.


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