At first there was KIDO, with only one ‘d’. A magazine in black and white for the Flemish childcare sector, back then mostly child minders and child carers. A few years ago, it grew into KIDDO, with two d’s and in full colour: a real professional magazine with articles from Flanders and the Netherlands.

Magazine for childcare…

KIDDO is for everyone working in childcare: practitioners in group settings and child minders at home, practitioners in out of school care, coordinators, students, trainers, pedagogical coaches….

… and for everyone working with children

KIDDO is basically for everyone working with young children: centres for parenting support, family centres, centres working with vulnerable families, consultation bureaus, meeting spaces and play areas, preschool teachers, educators...

6 times a year

In every issue you can find 40 pages full of pedagogy and practice. Several in-depth articles and clearly written interviews keep you updated of the latest news and evolutions in your branch of work. Every KIDDO also contains an Okiddo article with inspiration on exciting activities with children from 0-4 years and 4-12 years. You will also find the latest news, suggestions on children’s books, a look into the work of colleagues, the most recent professional literature … All written in Dutch.

KIDDO reaches out to everyone working with groups of children: professionals in childcare, preventive family support and preschool.


In Flanders, we also organise an annual KIDDOday.