‘Family’ brings families to life. No less than 27 professional black and white photographs show all kinds of families in all kinds of situations. The added question cards make you think and reflect. What is your view, as a professional, on this or that family? Do you detect some unconscious prejudice after all? By exchanging about this with others, you learn about your own views and ideas about parents and children and maybe you can review or break through your prejudices?


This training pack contains 7 cards, 27 photos and a manual in different languages.

  • French edition | La Famille. Un manuel de formation pour parler des familles
  • Dutch edition | Familie. Een vormingspakket om te praten over gezinnen
  • Turkish edition | Akrba. Aileler hakkinda konu mak için bir ögrenim paketi
  • Italian edition | La famiglia. Un pacchetto di formazione per discutere della famiglia
  • Portuguese edition | Família. Um pacote de formação para falar nas famílias
  • Spanish edition | La familia. Un consunto de formación para hablar del nido familiar
  • German edition | Über Familien sprechen – ein Handbuch für Trainer
  • Danish edition | Familien. At tale om familier – en håndbog for pædagoger