The Pathways book is concerned with a growing interest from policy and research in the professionalisation of the early childhood workforce. Illustrated by in-depth case studies of innovative and sustainable pathways to professionalisation, it recognises the importance of a systemic approach to professionalisation across all levels of early childhood. The authors of this wide-ranging book share insights of professionalism from various European countries and suggest that professionalism in early childhood unfolds best in a ‘competent system'.

International ECEC issues

Pathways considers a broad range of international issues including:

  • Continuous professional support and quality;
  • Early Childhood education and care staff with different qualifications in professional development processes;
  • How personal attitudes and competence of educators are related to the wider system of competent teams, leadership, collaboration across services and competent governance;
  • From research to policy: the case of early childhood and care.

Competent system

Pathways is a crucial and fascinating read for professionals working in the sector and contributes to broadening views on what professionalism in early childhood can mean within a ‘competent system'.

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