EQF quality analysis in Georgia and Serbia

After the analyses we made in Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro, VBJK is commissioned to do the same for ECEC in Georgia and Serbia, using the EQF indicators.

European Quality Framework Serbia

Following different lectures and masterclasses on monitoring and evaluating in ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care), we interview and organise focus groups with stakeholders, policy makers, parents and children.  We analyse this input together with a review of two relevant documents:

  • The standard for teachers (professional competence profile)
  • A new quality framework (Years of Ascent)

UNICEF Serbia accepts our proposal for e reform of the initial training for teachers.  

In a second phase, we present the analysis of initial training in New Zealand, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Belgium (Flanders) and Croatia, together with an analysis of the current training in Serbia. This will shape the recommendations for the reform of teh Serbian university training for ECEC teachers. The recommendations report will be discussed again with different stakeholders, eductaion programme responsibles and policy makers during field visits in Serbia.

European Quality Framework in Georgia

The work in Georgia consists of a report based on focus groups, in which the ECEC quality will be analysed and an extended survey by the Education Ministry, Statistics department (NAEC), commissioned by Unicef. A questionnaire will be sent to all ECEC provision. VBJK is responsible for drafting the questionnaire and conducting the focus groups. After discussing the results of both the focus groups and the survey with Unicef and NAEC, we will draft the Georgia report.

Report: Study on quality of early childhood education and care in Georgia