INTESYS | Inspiration from integrated systems in Europe

In the INTESYS project we looked into integrated working and strong partnerships and how this can improve the accessibility of ECEC provision, especially for vulnerable families.

Partners in 5 European countries

VBJK did research into integrated work in collaboration with European partners from Portugal, Italy, Slovenia and the Netherlands. The results of this research can be consulted here:

In Portugal, Italy, Slovenia and Belgium, we developed pilot projects, in which innovative experiments were set up on inclusive integrated working, to find adequate responses to the needs of families and children in vulnerable living situations.

Two Belgian pilots in Brussels

The King Baudouin Foundation and VBJK were responsible for 2 pilots in Brussels: one in the Flemish part of our bilingual capital and one in the French part. The Flemish pilot focused on the so-called ‘horizontal’ integration and elaborated a cooperation among different partners on integrated and accessible family support, the Huis van het Kind (house of the child). In the French pilot, we worked on a ‘vertical’ integration, with the focus on a warm transition between early years provision, like childcare, pre-school and out-of-school care.

How to work in an integrated setting?

Based on experiences in the Portuguese, Italian, Slovenian and Belgian pilots, we have developed a toolkit. In a first part of the toolkit, we provide relevant background information on integrated working. In a second part, we present inspiring tools and methods to design integrated work on the field. You can download the toolkit on:

All our findings and the reality of the pilots gave ample input for policy recommendations, both on national and European level. You can access these on:

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More information?

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