Across the line

Guust, Noë and Anna-Lisa go to school for the first time. ‘It can be so overwhelming that it feels as though you’ve landed on another planet,’ says teacher Bart.

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Time to explore

Across the line, a film about starting school, follows three children in different locations of pre-primary education. Together with their parents they spend all the time they need to explore their new classroom and school environment. Mutual trust grows and the three toddlers get more and more excited to go to school.

Figuratively and literally

Inside and outside the school grounds, various staff members collaborate in this: parents and staff pull each other across the line, so that every child gets off to a good start. This happens literally and figuratively. Parents are engaged to step "across the line" into the classroom. And various profesionals together, from the teacher in the classroom to the professional in out of school care, elaborate maximum opportunities for young children to get a good start in pre-primary education.  

Trailer and full movie

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Many thanks to all children, parents and professionals from:

  • Freinetschool De Vlieger
  • Methodeschool De Buurt
  • Jenaplanschool Hipppo's Hof
  • Sint-Janscollege Basisschool Visitatie
  • Out of school care Hippo's Hof
  • Groepsopvang Peutertuin Duimelotje




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