Many children in pre- and primary school attend out-of-school care provision. If we want them to experience this free time as real ‘free’ time, we need to let them make their own choices. Free time, after all, is doing what you want to do. Playing alone or with friends? Really active or rather quiet? Under supervision or not? Buttonman looks into the life in some Brussels initiatives for out-of-school care. Together with other organisations and schools in the area, the practitioners create a wide option of choices to make children’s free time and exciting time.

Nest and webfunction

In the added manual, we focus on the meaning of free time for children, on the nest- and webfunction of the out-of-school care. How can you make children feel at home? Working on a welcoming and safe environment, that is working on a warm nest for children. But at the same time, how can you help children get on the road? Offering surprising activities, making links to the community and the world around you, that is weaving a growing web for and with children. The manual provides you with explanations, quotes, questions for reflection, things to read...

Work instrument

Both the film and the manual are very hands-on instruments for teams. These tools can help you to work on creating good times in the out-of-school care.

Online and international

You can find Buttonman on iTunes App Store.

The dvd Buttonman is available:

  • With French subtitles | L’ homme aux boutons
  • With English subtitles | Buttonman
  • With German subtitles | Knöpfchenmann