Privacy statement

The protection of your personal data is highly important for VBJK. In this privacy statement you will find a clear and transparent view on what data we collect and how we work with the data. 

Version 23-05-2018

Respect for your privacy

As we do all that is needed to protect your privacy, we guarantee to proceed with care with your personal information. We stick to the current legislation and guidelines, such as the EU legislation 2016/679.   

This means that, in all cases:

  • We only use personal data according to the goal for which they were shared with VBJK. The goals and type of data that are collected are described in the privacy statement;
  • The use of data is limited to those that are minimally required for the goals for which they were collected;
  • We always ask for your explicit consent, when needed in processing any personal data;
  • All required technical and organisational measures have been taken to guarantee the data protection;
  • No data will be shared with third parties, except when needed for the goal for which they were collected;
  • We inform you on your rights to your personal data and we are committed to protecting those rights.

VBJK is responsible for processing your personal data. You can contact us with any question on this matter: VBJK vzw | Raas van Gaverestraat 67a | 9000 Gent | Belgium | | + 0032 9 232 47 35 

Who is this privacy statement for?

This privacy statement applies to any person who participates, attends or cooperates in any of our activities (projects, research, events…), to any person who is interested in VBJK’s work and to all possible partner organisations or suppliers who VBJK works with.

Why does VBJK process personal data?

VBJK needs to process your personal data for the following goals and based on the following legal grounds:

  • Participation to a project or activity of VBJK (contract agreement);
  • Rendering of services (contract agreement);
  • Sending information about our projects and activities (justified interest and explicit consent).

Whenever your data are being used with your consent, you always remain entitled to revoke this given consent.

Which personal data are being processed?

For the above mentioned reasons and goals, VBJK can ask for and process the following data:

  • Personal identity data: name, surname and address
  • Private contact data: phone number, email address
  • Personal data: date of birth, place of birth, gender
  • Attendance of activities
  • Nutritional and dietary options for catering
  • Images (photo’s, webinars...)

We only collect those data which you have provided to us, for example on a registration form, website forms, personal contact, phone or mail.

We only use the collected data for the goals they weher provided for.  

What about third parties?

When needed for the above mentioned goals, VBJK is allowed to share your data with third parties. Third parties VBJK works with are:

  • internet context (webhosting, mailhosting ...)
  • IT-infrastructure (IT network, servers ...)
  • (financial) administration
  • sending out invitations

With all external providers or suppliers, VBJK makes the necessary arrangements to protect your personal data.

We never share personal data with third parties, with whom we do not have a processing agreement, containing the same conditions of protection.

Sharing data with third parties

VBJK shares personal data with the following external parties:

  • partner organisations in the ecosystem of VBJK (such as Ghent University, Kind & Gezin, SWP Publishers);
  • partners (national and international) with whom we organise activities and with whom we share registration listings (e.g. VCOK, King Baudouin Foundation);
  • public services (e.g. Kind & Gezin, Belgian Monitor).

With these parties, VBJK makes the necessary agreements to guarantee the safety and confidential use of your personal data. Your data will not be shared with third parties, unless this is legally required and/or allowed. Under no conditions we sell or rent your data to others, nor do we use your data for commercial goals.

We can share your data with third parties if you give us your written consent to do so. At any time, you are free to revoke this consent; this will not affect the legitimacy of the data processing prior to this withdrawal of consent.

Storage period

VBJK only keeps personal data for the time that is needed for the goals for which they were provided, and keeping in mind possible legal obligations (e.g. accounting). The time of data storage can differ with the goals, but in general VBJK commits itself to keep images with a maximum limit of 10 years and data with a maximum limit of 5 years after the last use or expiration of the cooperation.

Safeguarding the data

We apply the appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against any unlawful access, use, loss or publication.

  • All persons who can access your data through VBJK, are obliged to keep those secret.
  • We use a username and password policy in all our systems.
  • We use a firewall and virus scanner and these are systematically and periodically updated..
  • We make systematic backups of personal data to be able to restore these in case of physical or technical incidents.
  • Employees at VBJK get access to your data for as far that is necessary for them to do their work properly. They are informed and aware of the importance of privacy protection.

If, despite our efforts, an incident would occur, involving your data, you will be personally informed according to the legal regulations.

Your rights

You have the right to consult and copy the data that refer to you. You have the right to correction and additions to your data, whenever they are no longer valid, correct or complete. You have the right to delete (parts of) your data, whenever they are no longer strickty necessary for the goals they were collected for. VBJK retains the right to consider whether your request is justified. You have the right to limit the processing of your data: in case you object to the processing of certain data, you can request to put an end to this. You can also lodge an objection against the way we process certain data. You could for example object against the use of data for direct marketing goals (for example by choosing to unsubscribe on e-mails). You also have the right to ask us to transit your data to either yourself or allow us to transmit data directly to any other third party chosen by you.

To implement your rights, you can contact us on the address above, with a motivation of your request. You can also contact VBJK via this contact page. We are allowed to ask for some legitimation before we respond to a request.

No category of persons is submitted to any form of automized decision making or profiling.


Whenever you would have a complaint on the processing of your data or use of your right, we incite you to get in touch with us directly.

You also have the right to file a complaint ate the competent authority on privacy protection: Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit (GBA) | Drukpersstraat 35 | 1000 Brussel |


VBJK has the right to review its privacy statement. All changes will always be announced on the website. The last change was made on May 23rd 2018. Older versions will be digitally stored. You can send us an email if you want to consult those.