CoRe | Core competences to work with young children

CoRe stands for Competences Requirements in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). In other words: what is needed on the competence level to deliver high quality work in services for young children (0-6y).

The research consists of an in depth literature review, a survey in 17 European countries and case studies in 7 of those. The Flemish case describes the city of Ghent Pedagogical Guidance Centre: 14 ECEC workers, who all had long term pedagogical coaching, were questioned in an in depth autobiographical interview. Did their competences increase? How did they grew professionally throughout their career? What facilitates a team climate in which child practitioners can continually evolve and improve?

The competent system

The conclusions of the Flemish case study coincide with those of the literature review, the survey and the other case studies. Being competent is not simply the practitioners’ individual responsibility, but it is a call upon the whole system. The team, policy and training are all building blocks of competence, of individuals as well as of the system. It is important that coordinators, directors and organising authorities all invest in professionalisation as well.

Local, national and European authorities need to develop and offer quality frameworks and – criteria that really matter. By the same token, colleges, training institutes and research centres as well need to contribute to these competent systems.

This research was commissioned by the EU Commission, DG Education and Culture

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