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EDUCAS | Creating child and family friendly learning spaces in ECEC centres

How do you create ECEC environments that support children’s development in a holistic way, taking into account the diverse needs of children and families, with special attention to the ones at risk of social exclusion. That is the aim of the EDUCAS project Creating child and family friendly learning spaces in ECEC centres. This is an Erasmus+ project (K2).


  • VBJK Center for Innovation in the Early Years (Belgium, coordinator)
  • UNIPR Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries of the University of Parma (Italy)
  • UIC Center for Innovative Education (Lithuania)
  • ISSA (International Step by Step Association)

And 2 ECEC centers in each country:

  • Belgium: De Tandem and Hippo’s Hof
  • Italy: Pro.Ges (Maria Vittoria and Gelsomino)
  • Lithuania: Vaikystes Sodas and Aukštelkės mokykla-daugiafunkcis centras


After a first research phase, all partners will create a local CPD (continuous professional development) path in their contexts with the staff of the 2 ECEC centers involved in the project, with the aim of improving the organization of spaces and materials within an educare approach, through group reflection on practice. The methods and experiences of the project will be used to realize a Training Kit and Recommendations for policy and practice at local and EU level.

Here you can read 'The meanings of spaces in ECEC centres: a literature review'.

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