The film Flammable challenges us to leave the beaten tracks. Examples of film, words and images clearly show us how children have this burning desire to explore, experiment, create. How do you respond to that desire? Answers come in two main films and 3 shorter scenes.

Flammable, with choreographer Alain Platel

Alain Platel observes movements of babies and toddlers in childcare centre Patjoepelke (Lokeren, Belgium). Fascinated by young children’s way of moving, their complete focus and surrender to Music, he makes ‘Trial and Error’. In this chorography about a child’s first steps, the adult discovers his own body and limbs. At the end of the dance, he pushes himself up against a wall without using his feet. Muscles in his arms, back and neck stretched to the max, until he stands straight up. That must be what babies and toddlers go through every day: a major challenge to stand up.

Flammable, with sculptor Nadine De Meester

In out-of-school care Pagadderke, art activities are frequently on the agenda. This time they want to get into real sculpting. The children walk around in the city looking for statues and sculptures. Back in the centre, they browse through art books, are a model and paint their self-portrait on mirrors. Paggaderke then invites the sculptor, Nadine De Meester. She works with the children and makes a statue in clay with them. The statue even gets a festive inauguration with the alderman en the neighbourhood all present. And the children? They know exactly what piece they made!

Three extra scenes

Another perspective on my job

Child practitioner Lieve Derauw watches the images that Alain Platel made of the moving and dancing children. She explains how this kind of carefully observing children enriches her work.

Dance of trial and error

An adult dancer takes his first steps. Like a child, he discovers body and limbs. This beautiful choreography by Alain Platel is an ode to the recurring tour de force that young children make every day... until they stand up.

A tiny song

Maaike Cafmeyer sings a tiny song about tiny children. Main message: take your time? She repeats it again and again. 'When you put your child to bed or at bath time: take your time. When a nappy needs changing or when your child is weepy: take your time. When you caress a young child, kiss him or gently take her into your arms: take your time.'

The song is poetic and funny. Lyrics by Herwig De Weerdt, music by professional cellist Frans Grapperhaus.

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