Pedagogy of the young child

Evidently, the core of ECEC services for young children are the daily interactions between the adult practitioners and the children and the many interactions among children themselves.

How do you stimulate the child’s wellbeing? How do you make children, every single one of them, feel welcome and safe? How do you give children confidence in themselves? How can you manage that children can relate to one another, with an open mind and respect for diversity as well as for what they have in common? How do you invest in connectedness among the children in this mini-society? How do you get them involved? How do you notice what they are interested in? And how do you react on that? What are high quality pedagogical activities? How do you work towards giving each child rich opportunities for development? What should be noticed in the arrangement of the living space, in the choice of play materials? What is important in the attitude of practitioners? How do you use language and multilinguism?

Pedagogical quality

Through various projects and research initiatives, VBJK builds on the pedagogical framework in working with young children. VBJK is also active on the work floor, stimulating pedagogical quality in basic provision. On many occasions, we introduce pedagogical innovation, either from our own country or from abroad. Hand in hand with the actors of change on the field, who work directly with young children, we try to figure out how we can then ‘translate’ these innovative practices in a way that suits the Flemish way of working. Together, we try new and unknown practices and work on disseminating new pedagogical views. This dissemination will sometimes be done through books, films, work packs or other materials. Other times we look to connect with partner organisations to provide coaching and training.

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