I really, really like that

Before you like something, you need to taste it several times. But just how do you do that? This film shows how you can consciously organise meals, so that every child is happy to eat.

Eating together

We don’t eat just because we’re hungry, but also because it’s pleasant. How do you make sure that young children become adventurous eaters? How do you get them to try new ingredients? This film shows toddlers curiously inspecting a pomegranate, toddlers helping in the garden and in the kitchen, and enjoying a pleasant meal together. The film also takes a look in out of school care. In consultation with the parents, the childcare workers organise meals so that each child enjoys eating. With only one goal: get children, aged 0-12, enthusiastic about healthy and varied food. Talking with parents is equally important here.

Who is it for?

The film introduces parents, childcare workers and teachers, dieticians, producers and policy

workers to the various actions that you can take to get children to enjoy eating healthily. The film inspires us to head outdoors: eating is working the land that provides the food, together. And the film inspires various indoor activities: eating is sitting cosily around a table together, making time for one another and using your senses to discover new things.

Input for reflection

Supported by the manual that comes with this film together with a number of scientific insights, you can use this film as a reflection and training tool for childcare workers, students, teachers and pedagogical coaches. In short, a film for everyone who wishes to encourage children to eating healthy, varied food, with pleasure.

  • French subtitles | Ça, j’aime vraiment beaucoup. Goûter et manger dans l’accueil.
  • Dutch subtitels | Dat lust ik héél héél graag. Eten en proeven in de kinderopvang.


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