Inclusion of children with special needs

Children with special needs need additional care. This can be specific medical care or additional attention for their psychological well-being, or both. But just like other children, they want to attend childcare centres.

Inclusive childcare

Accessible care for children with special needs is inclusive childcare. This manual explains what it means exactly to work in an inclusive way. How this is different than working in a deficit model. What to look for when welcoming families and in the registration? How to develop a specific partnership (alliance?) with parents? This manual also feeds into reflection within the team: what about support and capability? What about issues of deontology? A separate chapter is on the child in the group: self-image, relation to other children and families, possible activities and interesting books.

Pilot projects

The manual is based on the experience in some pilots in Ghent and Antwerp.

French edition | L’inclusion des enfants ayant des besoins spécifiques


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