Inclusion & diversity

Basic ECEC services for Early Childhood Education and Care, are at the heart of society: a society that constantly moves and changes, grows and meanders. So it is only natural that services need to change with that.

How do we work with the increasing diversity among families? How do we take care of a social and cultural mix? How do we reach the so-called’ hard to reach’ families? How do we make ECEC services accessible for all? How do we deal with multiple languages? How to we respond to children with specific needs? How do we promote respect for diversity on all possible levels? Etcetera.

Good ECEC services are accessible services

High quality services are working on inclusion of children with special needs, on respecting diversity and on accessibility for vulnerable or disadvantaged groups within society. This is all ‘part of their job’. The ‘mini-society’ that is shaped within ECEC services, fights against exclusion of disadvantaged groups and fully engages itself for social cohesion and participation in society.

Again and again VBJK stresses the importance of inclusion in the general sense of the word. We build this on scientific evidence and support services to work on these issues in the daily work. Where needed, we flag the different barriers that can hamper this social function of services, as VBJK also promotes services where all children are welcome to the policy level.

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