Lullaby for Hamza

Journalist Mark Gielen travels to Ghent (Belgium), Auby (France), Berlin (Germany) and Birmingham (United Kingdom). In each of these cities, he visits a childcare centre. He meets and talks with practitioners who commit themselves daily to diversity and encounter. Mothers and fathers bring testimonies on how much this means to them. Lullaby for Hamza shows all the richness of a diverse and multilingual Europe.

Diversity and encounter in childcare in Europe

The film is also an ode to committed practitioners. What do they do to give equal opportunities to parents and children? How do they communicate with families in a multilingual environment? What additional efforts do they make for the wellbeing of children and parents with a different cultural background? Professionals offer many suggestions and show us how they work every day, behind the scenes and on a small scale, almost unnoticed, towards a warm and democratic society.

Lullaby in different languages

Childcare organisations all over Europe use this film to work on diversity in ECEC. The subtitles can also be used to engage with parents, speaking another language. What do they consider important in the care of their child? What place to they see for childcare in their family?

  • With French subtitles | Berceuse pour Hamza
  • With English subtitles | Lullaby for Hamza
  • With German subtitles | Ein Wiegenlied fürHamza
  • With Spanish subtitles | Una nana para Hamza

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