Partnership with parents

Raising children does not follow a general recipe. It I tailored to the child’s singularity, his/her character, the parenting style, the specific family situation, the social network, the neighbourhood and wider society, the dominant view on children, the culture…

Parents often have a clear view on this. They really know their child, like no other does, they know themselves and their personal context. That’s why parents are the first educator. They are best placed to look for solutions that fir their child and their personal situation, even when this happens by trial and error.


ECEC services for Early Childhood Education and Care, are aware of this. In their search for the best care and development of a child, professionals will continuously engage with parents. In childcare, in pre-primary education, in parental support programs, quite a lot of attention is given to good communication with parents, getting parents involved and have them participate.

Towards a policy for working with parents

How do you build a relation of trust with parents? What to pay attention to in communicating? How can services also reach fathers? What do parents experience as supporting in educating their children? What does co-educating really mean? How can you create this partnership with parents? What is genuine participation? How can you connect parents with each other?

VBJK helps service in developing a good cooperation with parents. From the very start to different activities, from letters to face-to-face dialogue, from social cohesion to co-education. As new children with their families keep attending ECEC services, working with parents is never finished. Within VBJK as well, we see this issue evolving and changing and we want to support professionals to keep on refining this and work more thoroughly in this.