Making sense of good practice

The early years are the best time to support children in developing their identity. It these years you can make them positively aware of diversity. Therefore the DECET Network will empower knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable children and adults to construct together early childhood education services and communities.

This manual explains how you can treat families with different social, cultural and religious background and receive them in a positive way. In short, this manual explains how your ECEC organisation can embrace diversity.

DECET principles

This manual explores six principles:

  • Everyone feels that he/she belongs.
  • Everyone is empowered to develop the diverse aspects of his/her identity.
  • Everyone can learn from each other across cultural and other boundaries.
  • Everyone can participate as active citizen.
  • Everyone can actively address bias through open communication and willingness to grow.
  • Everyone works together to challenge institutional forms of prejudice and discrimination.

Towards a pedagogy of social and cultural diversity

Professionals together with mother and fathers complete these principles with vivid examples, concerns and insights. This manual helps you to continue working on high quality pedagogy with respect for social and cultural diversity.

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