The Wanda method: overview and steps forward


This ISSA Peer Learning Activity (PLA) aimed at involving all the organizations within the ISSA network that are using the Wanda co-reflecting method in their contexts. The PLA involved participants of all the 7 organizations that are using Wanda in 6 countries (Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Estonia).

The specific objectives have been:

  • Getting an overview on what (and how) has been done with Wanda on a local level in each country.
  • Co-reflecting on the strengths and challenges, with the aim of fine-tuning the different Wanda paths.
  • Thinking together about possible next steps for Wanda, both on a local and on an international level (f.e. through EU projects).

After doing local surveys concerning the situation of Wanda in each country, we realized a transnational meeting with all organizations involved in Budapest, in November 2018. This meeting aimed at sharing the results of the survey, and at finding together local and international needs, challenges, ideas to be addressed with future projects.

Through the PLA we realized a report that gives an overview of Wanda in each country and suggestions to take step forward.


  • VBJK, Center for Innovation in the Early Years (Belgium)
  • Artevelde University College (Belgium)
  • Step by Step (Czech Republic)
  • Partners Hungary Foundation (Hungary)
  • Open Academy Step by Step (Croatia)
  • Educational Research Institute Step by Step (Slovenia)
  • Hea Algus (Estonia)

VBJK and Artevelde University College coordinated this PLA.

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