High quality basic provision demands competent professionals: reflective practitioners, who get opportunities to learn from and with each other, the children, the families and the community.

VBJK has been developing methods and tools to help practitioners to reflect on their own practice. How do you really integrate different perspectives in your daily work? What is pedagogical documentation? How can you observe children in order to be able to respond better to their interests? VBJK also works on capacity, on (self) evaluation, on personal development plans, on interests and talents. High quality of services also means taking good care of the wellbeing and involvement of the practitioners. 

Competent professionals in a competent system

Professionalism is not purelythe individual responsibility of the practitioner; it requires a competent system in which the whole team, the policy and training also have their share. VBJK works on this as well. We support national and European authorities in developing quality frameworks and -criteria and cooperate with colleges, training centres, research centres and universities. This makes VBJK in itself one of the links in a competent system.