Jan Peeters

Jan Peeters is one of the founders of VBJK in 1986. From the start, he was pioneering on different areas. He introduced working with film and put the issue of men in childcare on the agenda. He was actively involved in many international projects and worked on many films and publications.

In 2008, Jan Peeters finished his doctoral thesis on professionalization. In his book The construction of a new profession as well as in his research he talks about the competent system and the conditioned for high quality organisations. Besides professionalization, transition is another of his main focus areas. The past few years, Jan has been committed to working towards a good start for young children in pre-primary education.

And while Jan keeps working on content, he also leads VBJK in the right direction. As director he also shapes the international work of VBJK. Both local and international Jan is a highly appreciated speaker. Many of his work can be found on Research Gate.


For further inquiries, contact PhD. Jan Peeters.