Kind & Gezin (Child & Family)

Kind & Gezin is a Flemish public agency for all kinds of support and advice on children’s well-being. This agency is also in charge of the organisation and quality of consultation bureaus (preventive health for the young child), childcare and parental support programs.

VBJK has a partner agreement with Kind & Gezin. Sometimes, VBJK does specific research on request of Kind & Gezin’s or we start with a specifically defined project. Results of these activities serve as content input for Kind & Gezin to design high quality policies.

Working on Kindertijd, the annual Kindertijd-day and our documentation centre are also activities of VBJK within this partnership framework.

With the content that we generate from documentation, projects and research, we, in our turn, keep Kind & Gezin updated proactively and we can suggest certain issues to work on. With all the different VBJK activities and projects, we do have a good eye on what is happening, nationally and internationally, on evolutions in ECEC practice and research. For VBJK it is important to translate new trends and innovations into practice, research and policy.


Surf to the website of Kind & Gezin.