When Wanda meets ISSA

A reflective attitude is an essential part of professionalism in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). Wanda is a method that supports reflective work in groups.  As we have experienced its strength, we want to share it and sent Wanda on the road.

More than just a translation

Wanda was introduced in Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia to support professional learning. Methods like these cannot simple be cut / pasted but need a certain translation. By means of online intervision and live training we coach the partnering countries in the implementation process of Wanda into their own context.

Together we discuss how the Flemish prototype can profit from experiences and input from other countries. This way, the original Wanda-pack gets re-edited and broadened by non spoken material and a new manual with additional tips and background information. Online instruction movies and extra exercises appear.

Wanda is available in Europe

The new Wanda manual – enriched with experiences from other countries – is now available in English, Dutch, Croatian, Czech, Slovenian and Hungarian. Wanda is being distributed by by Step by Step Czech Republic, Partners Hungary Foundation, Open Academy Step by Step in Croatia and the Educational Research Institute Step by Step in Slovenia.

More information?

Do you want more information? Please contact Katrien Van Laere.



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