The tale of language

Language is an important link among people. To understand each other on a daily basis, we all use words, sentences, mimicry and gestures. In verbal and non-verbal ways, we engage in conversation and try to understand the other’s story. Practitioners in ECEC know it better than anyone: children communicate in many different languages. Body language, babbling, muttering, one-word-sentences, extended explications, etcetera. Moreover, children who feel safe and sound, enjoy communicating. They are also incredible language learners, picking up on new words every day.

Enticing and stimulating language

In this film, we hear practitioners talk about how they use enticing and stimulating language with young children, throughout the day. They also explain how they talk to one parent in Dutch, while communicating with another in a different language, or through pictures, drawings or gestures. Even in a multilingual environment, language is the glue between people from different communities and backgrounds.

Language and multilinguism

The subtitle of the film is ‘challenging Dutch in a multilingual environment’. Coordinators, practitioners and parents all bring stories about language and language differences  from the  Brussels childcare and its multilingual context. They share their vision, give tips and illustrate how they can bring children and adults to language interaction.

Manual for language opportunities

In the added manual we go into the meaning of communication, home language and multilinguism, language opportunities to give to children can get questions and exercises to use in shaping a language policy in your organisation.

Stories in different languages

As this film deals with childcare in a multilingual context, is has subtitles in different languages. You can use this to engage with parents who speak another language. How do they consider language? What about their home language? How would they like to communicate with childcare provision? Do they understand the language policy?

  • With French subtitles | L’histoire du langage  | watch Le défi du néerlandais à relever dans un cadre plurilingue
  • With Engish subtitles | The tale of language | watch Challenging Dutch in a multilingual environment

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