The view of the Yeti

How can we raise children in both self-confidence and connectedness? By helping them from the very start in the development of a strong multiple identity. An identity that is always in relation to others.

What is educating in diversity?

Vandenbroeck takes you on a tour through international scientific literature combined with popular writings such as Tintin in Tibet. He quotes scientific research and brings stories from national and international practice. As you move along, you get new perspectives on educating in diversity while at the same time picking up suggestions to use in your own practice.

Why educating in diversity?

This book shows professionals not only how you can educate in diversity but also how important that is. Everyone wins when people can live together in respect and we need to guide and support children in this. Childcare, schools and all other places where children and parents get together have a crucial role to play in this area.

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