To be expected

Evolutions in society, movements in employment, trends in the living environment of children and families, changes in pedagogical ideas… they all influence the work in ECEC services for Early Childhood Education and Care.

Emerging themes

Both nationally and internationally, VBJK works with practitioners, policymakers and researchers. This keeps us on our toes with recent developments. We try to explore emerging issues, of which we think will gain momentum in the years to come. This way, we build together on innovations in the early years.

Keeping the pulse

In this section, you can find projects and research on themes that will become more important in the years to come. VBJK brings new ideas to development, watches how they get noticed and disseminated and then finds a suitable term later on. It is exactly by not immediately pinpointing things, that we keep the pulse of new developments. That’s why it’s good to keep an eye out for his section. Emerging issues will show the way.

More information?

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