Belgium has a split ECEC system. Children aged 0 to 6 can first attend childcare and then pre-primary school from the age of 2,5. VBJK looks into how children start kindergarten.

The very first school experience

What does it mean for a 2,5 year old to start school? What are the differences with countries that developed a more integrated ECEC-system, where children can attend one service until they start primary school? What are the consequences of our system in which care seems to be traditionally reserved for childcare whilst education belongs to pre-primary school? Would more balanced attention for both care and education throughout help for a good start? Can the combination for care and education facilitate ECEC- attendance for children from a disadvantaged or migrant background?

Warm and smooth transition

With several projects and action-research VBJK recommends, together with the Flemish Education Council, establishing a smooth and warm transition between childcare and pre-primary school and between home and pre-primary school. VBJK wants to present models that can facilitate this kind of transition for young children.