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START | A good start for all

Some children attend childcare before going to pre-primary school, others do not and leave home to start directly in school. This, in itself, doesn’t really matter that much: beginning their school career is a major step for every young child. Either way, the transition to school settings should be well taken care of.

Warm and inclusive transition

How can basic provision work together towards smooth and warm transitions? How do we arrange for transitions to go well for more vulnerable children? In this international project, VBJK cooperates with local ECEC services and European partners to develop a pethood of professional learning to improve transition processes.

Local action-research

VBJK sets up collaboration in Flanders with several partners on the field in Aalst: pre- and primary school St Martin, People for People (a self-organisation for families in poverty), and a childcare centre Mezennestje. Together we look for new practices and ways to strengthen the links between childcare and pre-primary school.

International component

Having this local research project, START is also a European cooperation. With our partners in Aalst, we also work with research centres and ECEC services in Italy (Bologna University), the UK (Pen Green), and Slovenia (Pedagoškiinštitut – Korak za korakom).

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