Wanda, analysing practices together

Wanda is a Flemish acronym for Value, Analyse and Act. It is a method to support group reflection. Good pedagogical practice requires reflective practitioners who are willing to learn from and with each other, from the children and the families and from their community and the super diverse society.

But how do you do this, how do you integrate those many perspectives in your own practice? How can you reflect together on your practice? Inspiration was found in the French analyse des pratiques as well as in the Appreciative Inquiry approach, developed in the 80’s by David Cooperrider en Srivasa.

Valuing analysis of practice

To translate this approach to the Flemish childcare, VBJK works together with Artevelde Community College. We develop Wanda, a method of valuing analysis of practice, supporting reflection in groups. We test this method in colleague groups in childcare services as well as in out-of-school care. We refine the method until it becomes a ready-to-use package for ECEC practitioners. This Wanda pack has been so strong and user-friendly that is has been disseminated internationally.

On the common project website of VBJK and Artevelde, you can find all possible information on how a Wada session is organised. You can also watch some instruction videos. The Wanda pack can be ordered at VBJK.



More information?

Do you want more information? Please contact Katrien Van Laere.



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