Children in Europe

Twice a year the board of editors – different experts from several European countries - meet to exchange ideas and content for Children in Europe. As long as the magazine was distributed, VBJK was part of this editorial board and looked after the Dutch version of the magazine: Kinderen in Europa.

European magazine for ECEC

Children in Europe was published twice a year and is available in different languages. The Dutch version was coproduced by VBJK and CCI. Every issue focussed on a main theme. In the issue on ‘time’ for example, you can read articles on respecting a child’s own rhythm, on how to plan a day, on how children experience time differently than adults…

Unfortunately, by lack of funding it is no longer possible to publish Children in Europe.  

10 policy papers

The last issue was a special one, combining 10 principles on ECEC policy.

Two papers have also been published in French:

Childcare International

The Dutch version was always a coproduction with Childcare International (CCI).


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