‘Why do we do the things we do?’ By reflecting on this question, practice grows. The Wanda method supports reflective ECEC practitioners to analyse and discuss their work and their pedagogical approach together, with an appreciative approach.

This method was first developed within the original Wanda project and afterwards internationally enriched.

Working with the Wanda method

This ready-to-use package enables facilitators to start with the Wanda method. The manual tells you how to set up and introduce reflection sessions in a learning group. It shows step-by-step how to guide a Wanda session. You will discover the essentials and necessary conditions of appreciative reflection. You will get a better insight in the preparation that is needed, the different phases that are part of each session and certain aspects you need to follow up after each session. Different roles of the facilitator are explained. There is user-friendly background information and additional tips and tricks.


Precisely because you can use the Wanda method in teams, student groups, learning communities and intervision groups, this package is directed to team leaders, teachers and pedagogical coaches.

Available in different languages

The new Wanda manual – enriched with experiences from other countries – is now available in English, Dutch, Croatian, Czech, Slovenian and Hungarian. Wanda is being distributed by International Step by Step Association and the Educational Research Institute Step by Step in Slovenia.

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